Mitsubishi Pencil Oil-Based Ballpoint Pen Oshinoko Jet Stream 4 & 1 Akane Kurokawa ABS bungunomori-0038

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Item Number:bungunomori-0038
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Equipped with the world's first revolutionary newly developed ink that achieves an addictive, smooth writing taste, compared to existing oil-based ballpoint pens, ``JETSTREAM'' has low writing resistance regardless of writing speed. Achieved a smooth writing experience. By improving the drying properties of ink on copy paper, increasing the amount of ink flow, and adding pigment to the coloring material, the density of drawn lines has also been increased. It also has excellent water resistance and light resistance due to the use of pigment ink. By combining new coloring materials and solvents, we achieved twice the black density of conventional inks. ●Pen type: 0.5 Slide lever type ●Sharp lead diameter: 0.5 ●Shaft: ABS resin + painting & with rubber clip ●Sharp eraser: S ●Ink color: black, red, blue, green ●Size: Maximum diameter φ13.7mm Total length 148.8mm ●Weight: 23.6g


Category Oil-based ballpoint pen, Stationery, Stationary
Material ・ Item ABS
ManufacturerMitsubishi pencil
Country of originJapan
Color Black

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